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I went to Las Vegas with the Maverick Authors (and a friend) this past weekend. Much fun was had!

Here are a few pictures:

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Here is Lauren Dane, Moi, Megan Hart and Julie, (a friend). Did you know Megan Hart just sold a THREE BOOK DEAL to Harlequin Spice!! We are so excited for her!

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Here's me and Megan.

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Megan and Lauren making their trademark "devil horns".

Did I mention that we saw Thunder From Down Under while we there? No? Oh, baby...gorgeous Aussie men flaunting themselves in front a bunch of screaming, crazy women. It was something to behold. If you're ever in Vegas, I recommend going to see the show.

posted by Anya Bast, 5:41 AM
Heh heh I saw the picts of the Thunder from Down Under on Lauren's blog. Wowza.

commented by Blogger Melany, 11:45 AM  
They were.....lovely. LOL.
commented by Blogger Anya Bast, 6:35 AM  

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