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I don't have any incoming reviews for forever it seems, then I get a whole bunch. Not complaining when they're like these.

Romance Reviews Today

"BLOOD OF THE DAMNED is a dark, sensual read with many layers. The main characters are both hard edged alphas, but caring and patient with each other. Their personalities are written in a way that makes us acutely aware of their strengths and weaknesses -- you either love them or hate them. No ambiguity here. The sex scenes are hot, but tender with a natural feel. They are also believable. If you haven't read the rest of The Embraced series, BLOOD OF THE DAMNED will make you want to." ~ Belinda Mays

Read the whole review.

Historical Romance Club
Ordinary Charm

4 1/2 star review ratings
5 rose sexual rating

"The instant attraction between Serena and Cole is captivating. Serena's self-confidence grows with Cole's every touch and her earthy energy grounds his God-like powers of magick and seduction. With a generous measure of steamy romance and a heroine of realistic proportions Ordinary Charm is a compelling and wonderfully paced story of timeless and tireless love." (Ohhh, I like that!) - Jennifer Begley

Read the whole review.

Historical Romance Club
A Change of Season

4 1/2 star review ratings
5 rose sexual rating

"Anya Bast's A Change of Season is a gripping story of life-saving love and passion, wild and tame at the same time, both scary and wonderful, and so very erotic. Dain is a tortured man and it is Moira's love that brings him back from the brink of despair and self-loathing.... with a very good mystery thrown in, you are in for a wonderfully lustful and unbridled read." - Sandra Marlow

Read the whole review.

And...I just booked my THIRD booksigning for next month. Two in Kentucky and one in Nashville, TN.

posted by Anya Bast, 12:43 PM
Cool I didn't know you had a blog. LOL I felt all out of the loop until I saw it looks like you just put it up not too long ago.

so welcome ;)

I think I have blood of the damned... I need to make time to read that!
commented by Blogger sybil, 7:26 AM  
Hi Sybil! Love your blog. :)
commented by Blogger Anya Bast, 7:34 AM  

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